A Door County beach catching its breath between fall and winter. What you are seeing is the expanse of a Door County beach from Whitefish Dunes State Park looking south 3.5 miles to Glidden Lodge Beach Resort.

This is a beach at rest between two seasons. At rest between a glorious, colorful fall and the moody landscape of winter.

At Glidden Lodge Beach Resort we help our guests enjoy our beach all year long no matter what the season. Each night you stay with us at the beach brings the gift of a Lake Michigan sunrise. And if you’ve not seen a Lake Michigan sunrise you are missing a breathtaking experience. Best of all, you can enjoy this gorgeous sunrise from the comfort of your waterfront suite. EVERY suite at Glidden Lodge features a front row seat to our version of “the morning show.”

Check out our season packages and make plans to spend the night at our Door County beach. Call us at 920-746-3900 or 866-GLIDDEN. Or drop us an email frontdesk@gliddenlodge.com. We promise you’ll be impressed.